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Education Sponsors Needed

So many of you have responded to our call for education sponsors this year. We appreciate you! However, we still have some 7th graders that could use your support. Will you be the one that helps improve a student’s life today? Click here >>> https://hoi.childsponsorshipservices.org/home



Join Our Newest Students on Their Academic Journey

School is back in session and we have 18 new first graders in need of sponsorships!

We believe that by investing in the hearts, minds, and health of Honduran children through quality education and Christ-centered community, we will enable these precious children to reach their potential.

Through sponsoring a student, you will receive:

Student’s photo, profile, and letters from them twice a year
The ability to write letters or meet your student on a trip to HOI’s Ranch
Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a student and have a tremendous impact on their future. Join us in sponsoring a new student in our school for $50 per month and help us reach our goal of having all 18 new first graders sponsored!

HOI’s Newest Little World Changers

Let’s welcome our students back as they begin a new school year!

We have a brand new class of 1st graders beginning their educational journey. They’re excited and ready to learn! We’ll be collecting photos of our newest little world changers soon. You’ll then have the opportunity to become a sponsor foster a new relationship that will last a lifetime.

You can also sponsor any one of our other amazing students. Take a look! >>> https://hoi.childsponsorshipservices.org/home

Visions for the Future, Major Initiatives Ahead

2016 promises to be a year full of exciting new initiatives and the continuation of ongoing effective ministries. Here is a sneak preview of what’s ahead:

Clean Water at Point of Consumption

There’s a tsunami of clean life-giving water coming! Following the initiatives of the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Dunedin, FL) in Honduras and Comunidad Connect in Nicaragua, HOI has validated that the implementation of in-home water filter systems has a dramatic effect on the reduction of water-borne illnesses in our areas of operation. In response to this acquired knowledge, HOI has launched a major initiative partnering with groups and villages to implement a comprehensive hygiene education and filtered water program for hundreds of families in Honduras and Nicaragua. This effort will be jump-started by a generous grant from GlobalX, funded by the annual North Point Community Church “Be Rich” Campaign. Additional financial support will come from the recently launched Family Health Partnership program ($39 per month if you’d like to join) at HOI, and also from group community development support. The plan is to work with select mission teams to help provide education and materials for this effort. Local participants will commit financial resources and also invest time in training to learn the value of good hygiene, clean water consumption, and care and maintenance of their filters. Teams will help construct support tables and also assemble the filters and buckets for delivery. Our goal in 2016 is to install point of consumption filtration systems in at least 1000 homes. We have enlisted support from public health experts and the CDC to advise and monitor our program and results.


Honduran family with a water filtration system in their home

Expanding corporate partnerships in Southern Honduras

HOI has executed a third corporate partnership in southern Honduras, joining forces with another outstanding corporate organization that wishes to help improve the lives of the people living in that area of the country. An agreement of mutual support was signed with the Chorotega Foundation, the faith based philanthropic arm of the Chorotega Credit Union in Choluteca that is dedicated to helping start and nurture small businesses in Honduras. Chorotega will assist HOI teams with the logistics of working in the South, and will help our local staff build relationships and partnerships with the people we’ll serve. We hope to send a few teams with our new partner in 2016, so if you’d like to be an early adopter, just let us know. These are wonderful people to work with, as are our initial two partners Agrolibano and LUFUSSA, so we know you will have very rewarding and impactful experiences. We still have room for about 7 more teams with our partners in southern Honduras for 2016 if you’d like to help us in that area.

Camila Reina, HOI Director of Development and Gov't Relations (Honduras); Jerry Eickhoff, HOI CEO; Jorge Nuñez, Chorotega

Camila Reina, HOI Director of Development and Gov’t Relations (Honduras); Jerry Eickhoff, HOI CEO; Jorge Nuñez, Chorotega

Increasing medical support in the South

One of our medical team partners will be making a trip to San Lorenzo and Choluteca in 2016. In addition to these professionals, HOI would like to increase its logistical support to the two major hospitals in the area, Hospital San Lorenzo (HSL), and The Hospital of the South (Hospital del Sur, HDS). HSL is a smaller, well run institution that is becoming a model for the country, due in large part to of the efforts of our partner Agrolibano Foundation and other corporate sponsors.

HDS, on the other hand, is a very large public hospital that is underfunded and in desperate need of additional resources and support. Although the corporate partners are also helping this large organization, they are in need of significantly more resources. Upon a recent visit the massive over-crowding, lack of supplies, and equipment were heartbreaking to witness. The maternity ward, for example, delivers on average about 6,600 babies per year.  As a result of the hospital’s poor conditions, it has become the norm for two women and their new born babies to share a bed with no sheets or pillows. There is also no potable water in the 250 bed hospital. HOI would like to play a catalytic role with local and international resources to help continue improvements at HDS so the health care professionals on staff can be much more effective serving the people of Choluteca.

Our goal is to help both of these hospitals initiate a combined MAP (map.org) medication shipment in early 2016. Agrolibano will arrange the financing fee for this shipment.
We would also like to work with MedShare (medshare.org) for a medical supplies and equipment shipment to the Hospital of the South. We plan to work with Honduran corporate sponsors and other supporters to make this a reality. We are currently working on inventory needs, internal controls, and accountability to ensure efficient implementation.

Expanded educational and sports programs and ministries

Due to the success of our elementary and middle school programs, and growing demand for higher education and skills training in our area of influence, HOI is investigating the feasibility and advisability of developing a high school and career academy near Rancho el Paraiso. The flame of learning has been ignited in Olancho and almost 100% of our Hope Middle School graduates now desire to continue their education beyond the 9th grade. Building on our early economic development successes motivated by our catalytic agent, Smoke Rise Baptist, HOI places a high priority on job creation for the people of Olancho. To that end, our initial thought is that any additional educational offerings should include skills and career training.

Our evaluation will also consider the potential for a robust faith based athletic program that would be focused on soccer for boys and girls.  We are considering a sports and family life complex that would be used for the school activities, leagues, faith and skills coaching, Young Life, and community gatherings. This planning and review is in its initial stages and there are no determinations yet. However, we wanted each of you to know the types of initiatives we’re considering if you’d like to join us in the effort.

As a wonderful 2015 comes to a close, and an exciting 2016 looms in the future, I wish you all a blessed Holiday Season and a healthy and happy New Year. Thank you for your continued generous support and unceasing prayers.

God bless,



Jerry Eickhoff

HOI School Graduation Celebrations

HOI is very proud of its newest elementary and middle school graduates!  Celebration ceremonies were held this past November to honor the accomplishment of these students.



9th Grade Class

Graduating 9th Grade Class

During the ceremony, students were given the opportunity to speak and share their thoughts. It was a very emotional time as they expressed their gratitude to their parents, teachers and U.S. sponsors.


Sponsor Tommy Phelps and 9th Grade Graduate, Wendy Ortiz

Mentor, Tommy Phelps and 9th Grade Graduate, Wendy Ortiz

This year, 98% of our graduating middle school youth are enrolling in a high school!  Through the efforts of our excellent teaching staff and many education supporters in the U.S., the HOI schools are able to provide quality educational experiences that encourage the students and create a love for learning.

This graduating class now has aspirations and dreams to continue in their education process and become successful adults with opportunities for financial security.

2016 will bring new opportunities and challenges to the HOI schools. The education staff is expecting a 25% increase in enrollment!  We are thankful for the opportunity that God has given us to reach so many children and pray that through these efforts they are one day able to provide a better quality of life for their families.

Laurie Willing

Laurie Willing
Executive Director

The Bridge Is Coming!


As you may have heard, the students, faculty, and alumni of David Lipscomb University School of Engineering in Nashville have been working together for over a year to design, fund, build and deliver a 106 foot walking bridge to connect the two HOI schools in Honduras. Each school sits atop a bluff on opposing sides of what has become a busy and dangerous highway. The vision to connect them with a walking bridge was conceived as a safety precaution at the request of the parents and teachers.

Vince Dooley mixing the foundation for new bridge
The bridge can’t arrive too soon in that we’ve recently had two of our youngest students involved in a pedestrian accident. Fortunately neither was hurt seriously, but the danger remains.

A team from Lipscomb, supported by their donors and also advisors from McBurney Energy in Atlanta, will be at Rancho el Paraiso in the Agalta Valley the week of August 8-15 to receive the container shipment housing the disassembled bridge. They will then reconstruct the structure and hoist it into place with a 100 ton crane that is coming out over the mountains from Tegucigalpa. The huge concrete footings for the bridge were designed by Lipscomb engineers, and constructed in March by team members of the Bob Hope Wilderness Team, led by Coach Vince Dooley. There was more concrete mixed by hand and poured by these team members than any other project in the history of HOI. Ranch staff and local volunteer workers dug the massive holes for the bridge caissons.

Preliminary build of new pedestrian bridge at Lipscomb University before final construction in Honduras in August
The Ranch staff is busy making preparations all the team members coming for the culmination of this project, and there will be other mission teams at the ranch during that time also. Please be in prayer for all of these volunteers, and also for the safe and successful installation of this bridge. It is a very complicated and difficult engineering feat. When it is place and open, it will provide safe and convenient passage for the students of our Aldersgate Elementary School to access the facilities and resources at the Hope middle School.

Our thanks goes out to all the people at Lipscomb, other US and local volunteers, Daniel Toon of the HOI Board, and the HOI staff members who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality.

MAP International Donates $5 Billionth to HOI

Yesterday was a GREAT day for HOI and Honduras! For over 60 years MAP International has been donating medicines to developing countries around the world and chose to make their symbolic $5 billionth in donations to Honduras at our middle school.

From left: to right: Bob Hope of the HAVE Foundation and Hope-Beckham Public Relations, Byron Small of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Vince Dooley, famed coach and AD at the University of Georgia, and Steve Stirling, CEO of MAP International at HOI's middle school in Honduras.

From left: to right: Bob Hope of the HAVE Foundation and Hope-Beckham Public Relations, Byron Small of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Vince Dooley, famed coach and AD at the University of Georgia, and Steve Stirling, CEO of MAP International at HOI’s middle school in Honduras.