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The Bridge Is Coming!


As you may have heard, the students, faculty, and alumni of David Lipscomb University School of Engineering in Nashville have been working together for over a year to design, fund, build and deliver a 106 foot walking bridge to connect the two HOI schools in Honduras. Each school sits atop a bluff on opposing sides of what has become a busy and dangerous highway. The vision to connect them with a walking bridge was conceived as a safety precaution at the request of the parents and teachers.

Vince Dooley mixing the foundation for new bridge
The bridge can’t arrive too soon in that we’ve recently had two of our youngest students involved in a pedestrian accident. Fortunately neither was hurt seriously, but the danger remains.

A team from Lipscomb, supported by their donors and also advisors from McBurney Energy in Atlanta, will be at Rancho el Paraiso in the Agalta Valley the week of August 8-15 to receive the container shipment housing the disassembled bridge. They will then reconstruct the structure and hoist it into place with a 100 ton crane that is coming out over the mountains from Tegucigalpa. The huge concrete footings for the bridge were designed by Lipscomb engineers, and constructed in March by team members of the Bob Hope Wilderness Team, led by Coach Vince Dooley. There was more concrete mixed by hand and poured by these team members than any other project in the history of HOI. Ranch staff and local volunteer workers dug the massive holes for the bridge caissons.

Preliminary build of new pedestrian bridge at Lipscomb University before final construction in Honduras in August
The Ranch staff is busy making preparations all the team members coming for the culmination of this project, and there will be other mission teams at the ranch during that time also. Please be in prayer for all of these volunteers, and also for the safe and successful installation of this bridge. It is a very complicated and difficult engineering feat. When it is place and open, it will provide safe and convenient passage for the students of our Aldersgate Elementary School to access the facilities and resources at the Hope middle School.

Our thanks goes out to all the people at Lipscomb, other US and local volunteers, Daniel Toon of the HOI Board, and the HOI staff members who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality.