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Ordinary Things Can Produce Extraordinary Results!


This week, Tarrytown United Methodist Church from Austin, Texas will be installing the first set of water filters in the Valley for 2016!  In the past we have had other teams tackle clean water and health in their assigned village and for that we are extremely grateful.  Recognizing the tremendous benefits that these water projects have procured, we decided to make clean water one of our major priorities for this year.  We have an ambitious goal of installing ~1,000 new water filters throughout our tri-region area of influence: Agalta Valley, Honduras; San Lorenzo, Honduras; and Los Robles, Nicaragua.

Tarrytown UMC arriving at the airport in Tegucigalpa last Saturday.

Tarrytown UMC arriving at the airport in Tegucigalpa last Saturday.

You may be saying to yourself that that’s an extraordinarily lofty goal.  We would agree with you! However, extraordinary need calls for extraordinary effort. We believe that God has called us to work in this area of health and wellness, and with His help, and the help of our many supporters, we will be successful in our endeavors. The tremendous lack of access to clean water impedes on families’ ability to provide for themselves and lead productive lives.  It is our hope that our efforts will not only improve the overall health of families, but will also strengthen families to pursue their ideal future.

The filters that we are using are incredible! We are testing out two different types of filters during our testing period: Uzima and Sawyer. Although there are a few internal structural differences, the final product is still the same — clean potable water!  Each filter contains a bucket to hold the water, a filter to siphon out the impurities, and a receiving container to collect the pure, drinkable water.

Water Filter Buckets
It’s awe-inspiring to reflect on how such a simple device made from ordinary things can produce such extraordinary results.  God has a way of using the things that we may call simple or foolish and using them to “one up” even the brightest of us (1 Corinthians 1:27).

Sometimes we may even look at ourselves and think that there’s nothing special about us.  We may even question if God can use us in a special way.  The great news is that He can.  God likes to take ordinary people, like you and me, and transform them into His channel of blessings.  When we avail ourselves to God and the leading of His Spirit we can accomplish extraordinary things for his Kingdom.

Why not start doing extraordinary things today? You can partner with HOI and we can begin to do extraordinary things together in Honduras and Nicaragua.  You can partner with us in this clean water endeavor, sponsor a student’s education, or maybe even become a sustaining donor to our programs.  It doesn’t matter how you get involved.  What matters is that you take the first step in doing it.

You can make a one time or sustaining gift here, or you can send us an email if you’d like more information on HOI and how you can get involved.