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A Match Made in Paraíso

Andrew and Elizabeth Thompson were married on November 12th, 2016. Without HOI, they may have never met…and nearly still didn’t. Here’s the quick version.

They grew up on opposite corners of the country, Andrew in Atlanta, GA and Elizabeth in Portland, OR. Both majored in Spanish during undergrad at Christian liberal arts schools, Andrew at Wheaton College and Elizabeth at Whitworth University.

Elizabeth pursued her dream to become a veterinarian at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She traveled on multiple short term mission trips with Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM), including Haiti, Bolivia, and Honduras. While in Honduras for a week in 2013, Elizabeth’s team stayed on the ranch and got to know HOI.

Group Vet Photo
Andrew worked in public relations for long-time Wilderness Team leader, Bob Hope. He worked on a few projects with HOI including an event with President Juan Orlando Hernandez in Atlanta. He eventually went down to the ranch for a week in 2015 to work with MAP International. He helped coordinate the dedication ceremony of Coach Vince Dooley field, with President Hernandez as the guest of honor.

Andrew with President Hernandez
Though Elizabeth and Andrew were in Honduras two years apart, two people managed to be on both trips- Andrew’s dad Greg Thompson and Elizabeth’s roommate from vet school, Jessica Walters Wright. Greg introduced Andrew to Jess and she vetted him (pun intended) all week without him knowing. Her final test of Andrew’s character: a 5:00 a.m. wake up call to milk the cows. Smile on his tired face, Andrew made the cut and Jess set to matchmaking him with Elizabeth.

Greg with Elizabeth and two other vets
Andrew milking a cow
Despite them living 3000 miles apart, God has a way of making the improbable possible. At Jess’s persistent prompting, Andrew and Elizabeth went on their first date over Labor Day (September, 2015). The rest quickly became history. A few great phone calls convinced Andrew to fly back to Portland for a second date. They started a relationship and criss-crossed the country on flights every few weeks until they were ready to get married. In May (2016), Andrew proposed to Elizabeth in front of the Grand Teton mountain range on his move from Atlanta to Portland. She said yes.

Proposal in Jackson Hole, WY
On this Valentine’s Day, Andrew and Elizabeth Thompson are celebrating just over 3 months of marriage. Next Valentine’s Day, the two hope their adventuring hearts will have gotten to travel internationally together.

Wedding Photo