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Happy Father’s Day!

Provider, teacher, example, leader. These are some of the words that come to mind when we think about what it means to be a Christian father. HOI is committed to strengthening fathers and their role in the family and community. We come alongside fathers so that they can be a good reflection of our Heavenly Father in the home.

Through HOI’s spiritual training efforts, fathers are shaped to be spiritual leaders.  HOI’s economic development programs supply education and resources so fathers can work and provide for their families. And, HOI’s education and medical efforts create a hope-filled context for fathers to encourage their children.

It is not easy being a father in today’s world. This is especially true for fathers in Honduras and Nicaragua. However, because of your prayers and support, HOI is able to provide a hopeful future for fathers who are committed to their God, their church, their community and most of all their home. 

David Davis
Director of Development