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“Greater Things” Campaign Announcement – What We Hope to Accomplish In the Next Four Years

A Snapshot of What’s Been Accomplished

As an avid photographer, I’ve enjoyed watching, recording and remembering the amazing unfolding of our mission in Central America over the last 27 years. Images captured during the formative years of HOI show the early foundations of our dormitories, clinic, and schools being built with the hopes of creating a better future for the Agalta Valley. These photos tell a tale of a region in great need of hope, opportunity and an outpouring of God’s love in action through human hands.

Nearly three decades later I am still capturing photos of the same spaces, but they tell a startling new story. Now, those dormitories are filled with an increasing number of missionaries of all ages who work side-by-side with Hondurans and Nicaraguans to improve their quality of life. The clinic is fully operational and our medical team treats families facing issues such as severe asthma, gastrointestinal complications and trauma. Photos from our schools show the actualization of village parents’ dreams for their children – the hope for a better future through opportunity and education.

I am excited about the continued progression of God’s vision over the next four years for the Agalta Valley; San Lorenzo, Honduras; and Los Robles, Nicaragua. We are delighted to announce to you HOI’s Greater Things Campaign.

“Greater Things” Ahead

The financial goal of the Greater Things Campaign is $3 million. God has already blessed this campaign with $1.5 million in gifts and four-year pledges to HOI. Now, we need your help as we empower, employ and encourage the Honduran and Nicaraguan people to meet with faith the challenges of their lives.

God has set before us a bold vision to increase our impact in the Agalta Valley and to expand services in southern Honduras and Nicaragua. “Greater things” are already unfolding as HOI recently provided the needed matching funds for a hospital in San Lorenzo to drill a well for potable water. Last month, pastors and spiritual leaders from the Valley gathered at the Ranch to receive training and instruction on how to strengthen the families and marriages in their communities. And, HOI is already ahead of the campaign goal to bring clean water to 2,000 families in the next 4 years.

We know from history that as we are faithful God will bless. I am asking every one of you to:

  • Pray for HOI and the Greater Things Campaign
  • Explore the vision God has set before us by clicking here and downloading of PDF the “Greater Things” Fact Sheet.
  • Consider walking with us as we walk with the people of Honduras and Nicaragua by making a pledge here.
  • Share this letter with friends, peers, those who have traveled to Honduras and Nicaragua on mission, and any one else in your network with a heart for service.

In the coming months, our campaign team and I will be in touch with you. You will be learning more about God’s vision for the people of Honduras and Nicaragua and how you can be a part of the greater things that God wants us to do.

In Christ,

Dr. Steve Wilks
“Greater Things” Campaign Chair

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