APRIL 6-12, 2015

    This year, HOI is offering a special spring break trip to Rancho el Paraíso to individuals and families interested in taking part in a mission experience and getting away to have some fun!  Adults of all ages and children aged 10 and older accompanied by an adult relative are eligible.

    During the week, team members will work side by side with residents in a village on a variety of projects that will improve their living conditions (ie. concrete floors, brick stoves, room additions, family gardens, etc).  Bible school activities will also be presented to the school children.

    An additional activity for this week will include a visit to a national park where individuals will tour the Caves of Talgua in Catacamas..

    The Spreak Break Trip to Honduras is scheduled for April 6-12, 2015. To sign up, please contact Laurie Willing or click here.

    Tentative Schedule for this Special Week:

    Arrive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    Travel to Juticalpa
    Dinner, devotion time and spend the night at Hotel Boqueron

    Breakfast at the Hotel
    Travel to Catacamas to take the tour of the Caves of Talgua
    Lunch in Catacamas
    Arrive at Rancho el Paraiso in the afternoon
    Tour the Ranch, make plans for village work, etc
    Dinner at the Ranch, devotion time

    Breakfast at the Ranch
    Devotion and Introductions by HOI Ranch staff (Wed)
    Travel to Village – work projects, VBS
    Lunch in the village
    Work projects in the afternoon
    Dinner at the Ranch, devotion time

    Breakfast at the Ranch
    HOI Staff Devotion
    Travel to village – work projects, VBS
    Lunch in village
    Fiesta with the village, goodbyes
    Dinner at the Ranch, Devotion time

    Breakfast at the Ranch
    Leave Rancho el Paraiso for Tegucigalpa
    Lunch at Mennonite Bakery
    Arrive at Hotel Maya in Tegucigalpa

    Fly home



    Adults and teens: $750 per person

    Children ages 10 – 12: $350 per person

    The fee includes:

    • Typical HOI work projects as well as some child-friendly projects.
    • Trip to the Caves of Talgua in Catacamas – Tuesday
    • Lunch in Catacamas – Tuesday
    • Two hotel stays, one at the beginning and one at the end of the trip (both hotels have swimming pools).
    • All meals, beginning with dinner on Monday of arrival through breakfast the following Sunday.
    • Snack at Mennonite Bakery on Monday afternoon upon arrival.
    • All ground transportation.
    • Materials and supplies for all work projects and activities.
    • Bilingual staff leadership throughout the trip.
    • Opportunity to work with and alongside Hondurans and to learn how they live.
    • Visit to Honduran schools to see how children learn in this area.


    The fee does not include:

    • Airfare
    • Passport, either new or renewed (U.S. passports must have a minimum of 180 days of validity remaining at the time of travel).
    • Lunch at Tegucigalpa airport upon arrival.
    • Honduran exit tax, $40 USD, payable at time of departure.
    • Souvenirs and other personal items.

    Volunteer safety is a top priority for HOI, and our staff does all that it can to ensure that all travelers remain out of harm’s way. In accordance with U.S. State Department recommendations, HOI takes the following precautions (among others) to ensure the safety of our mission teams:

    • Team members are prohibited from going out after dark and are instructed to stay together in groups when they leave the hotels during the daytime.
    • Team members are reminded not to wear clothing or jewelry that will attract attention.
    • Team members are discouraged from displaying electronic devices.
    • Teams travel together in HOI vehicles with trained, armed and uniformed security personnel. All have electronic communication capabilities.
    • All vehicles are marked as belonging to HOI, which is recognized as a well-respected, non-governmental organization.
    • We work exclusively by invitation in very small villages where community members have a vested interest in looking after our safety. Security personnel are present throughout the work week as well.
    • Both HOI personnel and visitors are encouraged to always be on guard, attentive and careful to follow all safety rules, as is necessary in any developing country as well as in many parts of developed countries.


    Detailed safety information, including health precautions, are listed in the Team Member Manual.

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