Since 1998, Northway Christian Church has participated in 18 mission trips facilitated by HOI. It is truly a turnkey mission experience from the time the group arrives on Honduran soil until they are taken to the airport for their return trip – a fact that takes a huge load off of the Group Leader’s shoulders. The beauty of this ministry is that it does not operate from a handout mentality. Instead, mission groups are privileged to work as the hands and feet of Christ, side-by-side with the Honduran people, greatly improving their quality of life while also building deep and lasting relationships.
    Shari Sims, Group Leader, Northway Christian Church, Dallas, TX

    HOI provides a grace-filled opportunity to discover the body of Christ among the people of Honduras. By working alongside Hondurans and learning from them, you get an incredible glimpse of the Kingdom of God, of people building, creating, laughing, weeping and loving in community.
    Rev. Andy Acton, Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Duluth, GA

    This year, we got to go on home visits with Pastor Wilmer. We read scripture to them and listened to their problems and prayed with them, often with the laying on of hands. It was a very powerful experience and one that I think brings us and the people of the Valley closer. Making relationships with people is one of the things this life is all about, and I was pleased to see that they were developing a trust in me by bringing me several dogs to spay and treat. All in all, it was another wonderful trip and leaving is getting harder and harder. It is truly becoming a second home.
    Dan Lohnes, D.V.M., Christian Veterinary Mission

    HOI is a wonderful organization. They truly let the communities keep dignity and allow God to work through their efforts. I’ll never forget the friendships forged during my short stay. The people of Las Trojes are forever in my heart, as are the members of my mission group.
    Janice Hudson, First Baptist Church Saginaw, Saginaw, TX

    I feel the HOI Mission experience is just the right balance between contact with local people and having the Ranch to go back to at night to regroup and rejuvenate for the next day. I was lifted spiritually, emotionally and physically during my trip. The experience of a lifetime!
    Brian Purcell, Greenwood Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, SC

    I left a piece of my heart in Rio del Oro as the people of that village unconditionally welcomed me into their lives. Despite my lack of Spanish and labor skills, they were patient beyond belief in allowing me to work with them. Breaking down any sort of cultural or linguistic barrier that remained between us, a man named Mario put his hand on my shoulder, smiled and simply said, “Amigo.”
    Shane Setnor, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA

    My first mission to Honduras transformed my life, my relationship with God and my understanding of my calling. While working alongside my Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as my fellow missionaries, I was able to first see the Kingdom of God, the Fruit of the Spirit and a Faith that can move mountains. These missions have inspired me to love more, give more, live simpler and surrender my life to God. I am truly blessed to be His servant.
    Heather Sarmiento, Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, VA

    This was a life-changing experience for me. I now understand God’s purpose for my life and how I am supposed to use my spiritual gifts to benefit others. God blesses us so we can be a blessing to others. Through our service to others, we show and share God’s love!
    Miriam Eide, Trinity United Methodist Church, Cartersville, GA

    A fantastic organization to provide the individual with a positive experience in a much needed way to assist families to provide a healthy environment. Having been on at least 10 mission trips with another organization, HOI provides a very positive opportunity and experience with a new missioner. I would not consider working with any other organization because of the support given a church and team leader.
    Alta Buckley, Nacoochee United Methodist Church, Sautee Nacoochee, GA

    The mission to Honduras was one of the best things I have done in my life so far. (I am 57.) I tried to serve and love in God’s name, and what I got back was so much more than I expected. I have searched my whole life for unconditional love and acceptance and found it in a small village in Honduras. The whole experience is something I will never forget. I hope I am able to come back to that same little village and continue what we started.
    Beverly Wiley, Snellville United Methodist Church, Snellville, GA

    The mission experience with HOI at Rancho el Paraiso is great for anyone wanting to experience a rewarding short-term trip. The staff provides wonderfully for your needs. You have great opportunity to share your faith through service and verbally as you work and as you share together with the gathered village members.
    Gale De Jong, D.V.M., Christian Veterinary Mission

    We love sharing stories from returned volunteers on our blog. If you would like to share your experience, please contact Louis Deas at louis.deas@hoi.org.