Transformation in Honduras’ Youth

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God is doing so many wonderful things in Honduras and Nicaragua that at times it seems difficult to keep up with it all. Transformation is taking place over the Agalta Valley of Honduras and is beginning to take root in San Lorenzo as well. Needless to say we’re excited! However, one of the most beautiful transformations that we’ve begun to see is the change taking place in the lives of the young people near the Ranch.
The partnership between HOI and Young Life is about a year old now and we’re more than pleased with the growth and progress that has taken place. Young people from all over San Esteban are coming to know Christ and beginning to develop a relationship with Him. Not only are the youth beginning to become serious about their walk with the Lord, but they are emerging as ethical leaders will a moral consciousness.

Honduras Outreach
Mike Aguilar and Daniela Perez were only a week into their marriage before they made the move to Olancho from their native Nicaragua. In the beginning they were a bit nervous and uneasy, but God assured them that this was the call on their lives in this season. Soon after moving in at the Ranch, they began to feel more at home and a part of the family. With the help of HOI’s Ranch pastor, Pastor Wilmer, they began meeting influential people and making connections. God began to show himself as confirmation that His hand was on their lives and on their ministry.
Since its inception, Young Life Olancho has grown in ways that many thought impossible. Young Life coming to Olancho is a bigger deal than you would imagine. If you’re at all familiar with Young Life then you know that the ministry primarily operates in the city and suburbs, not in rural places like the Agalta Valley. To everyone’s surprise the club is growing exponentially and the ministry has been so impactful that they are looking to start a second club in San Esteban.

These students travel to HOI’s ranch from all around to learn about the Good News of Jesus and how to become leaders in their communities. These students are learning that they are the future and hope for Honduras as a nation, and the Agalta Valley in particular. As these students age into adulthood and begin to pursue their vocational and academic dreams, we are confident that they will carry the lessons they learned from Young Life Olancho with them and will transform a nation from the inside out.

“Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6