Vince Dooley Gets a Field

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on February 26, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Honduras News & Events COMMENTS: 0

Vince Dooley is an incredible part of the UGA (University of Georgia) football legacy. While he’s a household name for college football enthusiasts, he is more than likely not so well known in the Agalta Valley where a field will soon be named in his honor.

Dooley has traveled with HOI a number of times with the HAVE Foundation. To honor his work, the field adjacent to our middle and high school will be named after him. Although it’s not the same kind of football that most Americans are used to, it is still a football field nonetheless.

Perhaps, the next time ESPN covers a Dooley field naming it will be in Athens, GA and not the Agalta Valley. But we’re very happy with this one for now.

You can read ESPN’s coverage of the field naming here.