Welcome Back Leslie!

HOI has been blessed with gifted staff members in Central America and the U.S. They make a profound contribution to our mission and find their way into the hearts of the team members that travel with us from year to year. One such staff member is Leslie Bobadilla de Echeverria.


Osman Echeverria and Leslie Bobadilla de Echeverria

We met Leslie in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which devastated the municipality of Trujillo, on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. HOI was invited by the Governor of Colón to help rebuild homes in the affected area as part of a large scale restoration operation. To assist in the direction and oversight of the endeavor, she suggested a young lady that had the confidence and leadership skills to navigate the task effectively. At only 21 years of age and having no construction experience, Leslie proved to be a great leader for the project and helped bring the area back to life. Moreover, we found her to be a devoted Christian who is on fire for the Lord! Our leadership was so impressed with her work that we invited her to join our staff at the Ranch as the Education Coordinator. In that role, Leslie managed the operation of our schools and helped foster the relationships between education sponsors and their students.

Later, Leslie and her husband Osman moved to Catacamas to work with the El Sembrador Schools associated with the World Gospel Mission. Hearing that a job opportunity was opening for Osman in Choluteca, we approached Leslie to rejoin HOI in our southern operation. With great excitement we are able to announce that Leslie is returning to HOI to serve as the Coordinator of Southern Honduras. She will manage all of the HOI projects in the south under the direction of Jose Mondragon, our country director. This gives us greater capacity to receive more groups in San Lorenzo and we are looking forward to welcoming new and returning teams.

Leslie, Osman, and Family

Osman, Leslie, and their three children: Osman David (left), Mirla (right), and Rolando (middle)

We are delighted to have such an outstanding member of the HOI family return to help continue God’s mission in southern Honduras. Leslie and Osman are excited to begin this new chapter of their lives as they prepare their family to make the move to Choluteca. Leslie looks forward to seeing many of her North American friends who she’s come to know over the years and hope that you’ll visit her soon. If you’re interested in traveling to the South to make an impact, and to catch up with Leslie be sure to email egrossman@hoi.org and schedule a trip today!