World Water Day 2015

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A few years ago the United Nations established World Water Day to highlight the importance of communities around the world having access to a clean water supply and the immeasurable value of sustainable development.  Hundreds of NGO’s around the world have taken the clean water cause and made it their major mission focus.  We stand in solidarity with these organizations and support their efforts as they help to transform the communities they serve through sustainable community efforts.


HOI is proud to be a part of the international movement to make clean water accessible to communities around the globe.  Since 2013, HOI has had a partnership with Comunidad Connect, a community development organization stationed in Nicaragua, and supports the organization’s water initiative, Nica Agua.  Nica Agua a dynamic program that provides families in need with low-tech, user-friendly water filters, called Filtrons, to combat the most prevalent illnesses in rural Nicaragua: diarrhea, parasites, and kidney infection.  In order to receive a Filtron, participating families must invest 16 hours of community service in projects like road repair, bridge construction, school maintenance, and health seminars.


Much like HOI, Comunidad Connect is committed to empowering communities to take charge of their own health and future to ensure long term and sustainable transformation.  The benefits of the program are both tangible and intangible, carrying both immediate and long term benefits. Not only do the  filters help reduce preventable disease, but the social investment and sweat equity required to receive a filter help raise the communities’ awareness of health issues and encourages ownership of the solutions. Comunidad Connect has not only seen a dramatic decrease in diarrhea in the areas that they serve, but they have also seen a significant rise in the number of people interested in getting involved in the transformation of their communities.  You can watch one of the stories of transformation below:

To learn more about Nica Agua’s clean water initiative you can visit Comunidad Connect’s website by clicking here.  Although reading and hearing about the great work going on in Nicaragua is great, we encourage you to come see the transformation for yourself.  Join us for a life changing mission experience to Nicaragua or one of our other two locations in Honduras and start making an impact toady!