Young Life Central America: A Ministry of Passion and Investment

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on May 19, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Honduras Spiritual COMMENTS: 0

If you stop by HOI’s office in Tucker, you’re likely to catch something.  No, you won’t catch a cold or the flu (thankfully that season has passed!).  You’re likely to walk away feeling more passionate about ministry and transformation in Honduras and Nicaragua than ever before.  Passion and excitement for ministry is contagious and it’s a beautiful thing.

We picked up a small case of the “Young Life Passion” last week after we spent an evening with Young Life Central America leaders, Hollman Mendoza and Kevyn Suwyn.  Hollman (Director of Young Life Nicaragua) and Kevyn (Director of Young Life Central America) have been touring the States meeting with donors and supporters.  They took time out of their busy schedules to meet with a few members of HOI’s staff and board to share some of the great things that God is doing in their ministry.


They shared with us how Young Life Central America is growing by leaps and bounds.  New clubs are forming in different communities and young people are growing in their passion for Jesus.  They are tackling areas that have been hard hit by gang activity.  The annual Young Life camps continue to attract hundreds of students and they have developed a reputation for being a center for transformation and change.  There’s a lot to be excited about!

We learned that Young Life Nicaragua, headed by Hollman, has emerged as one of the models for club growth and development and produces some of the finest Young Life leaders in Central America.  It’s exciting to know that Nicaragua Young Life is sending missionaries throughout Central America.  We believe this to be true as we can see evidence of this in our own Young Life Olancho leaders, Mike and Daniela.  They are both products of Young Life Nicaragua and have brought their expertise and excitement to the Valley and have shared it with our young people.


Hollman shared a personal testimony about how he came to know the love of Christ through the ministry of one North America man.  This man was so passionate about serving Nicaragua’s youth that he was willing to make an investment in their lives with his time and resources.  Through that small investment, and hundreds of other investments like it, Young Life Nicaragua was born and Hollman came to know God for himself.

These kinds of transformative experiences are happening everyday with HOI’s ministries and partners and you can be a part of it.  What areas of ministry in Central America are you most passionate about?  What touches your heart so much that you are willing to make a small investment that will yield a great return?

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