Make an Impact…From Right Where You Are


We are a group of devoted monthly supporters committed to faithfully investing in our long-term, transformational, and hope-providing relationships in Central America.

Every HOI mission trip begins the exact same way. North and Central Americans, hand in hand, in a circle, praying. Over those next seven days, during that trip, transformational and eternal relationships are formed. Friendships are created, hope and relief are mutually provided, and the joy of the Lord is indescribably experienced. Yet, at the end of that week, as a joint prayer circle forms again to mark the conclusion of the trip, that sense of community doesn’t have to end.

Hope51 is a community of devoted monthly supporters, committed to faithfully investing in those same long-term Kingdom relationships — all year round. A community that hungers for more than a one-week mission trip experience, but rather an ongoing and deeply connected relationship. A community for those who refuse to allow time and space to hinder their kingdom impact.

That hand-in-hand prayer circle. That’s only the beginning. The prayer doesn’t have to stop there. The hope doesn’t have to stop there. The joy doesn’t have to stop there. The unity doesn’t have to stop there. The community doesn’t have to stop there.

So let’s extend that circle. Will you join our Hope51 community and provide hope for those we love all year round?

Here is What You Can Expect as Part of Hope51:

  Weekly Calendar

We believe in the power of unified prayer! Each month, you’ll receive a digital prayer calendar, with prompts that connect our Hope51 community in prayer for ongoing and specific needs in Central America — keeping the spirit of our hand-in-hand prayer circles going!

  Hope51 Newsletter

Once a quarter, Hope51 community members will receive an email newsletter with exclusive content, stories, plans, opportunities, and updates on the impact your involvement as a Hope51 community member is having!

  Hope51 Zoom Calls

While Hope51 community members will not always be physically present with our friends in Central America, there will be numerous opportunities throughout the year to join exclusive and intimate Zoom calls with our in-country leadership, staff, and community members in Central America — to further those deeply rooted relationships.

Let’s make an impact together.