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Honduras Mission Story: Central Presbyterian Waxachie and First Presbyterian Grapevine

Our HOI Honduras mission trip for 2016 was a heartwarming experience for us all!  This year our two churches came together to form one mission team. One member was a first-timer, and the rest of us are repeat travelers to HOI Honduras Rancho el Paraiso. Our assigned village Rio Del Loro was a long drive from the ranch, with about 45 minutes over heavily rutted dirt roads, but we enjoyed using the time to rest and reflect on the toils of the day.

Here are some of the reflections of our team:

The villagers were amazing. Working side by side, we completed a large latrine and multiple cement floors, pilas, and eco stoves! We felt such a sense of accomplishment. The villagers enjoyed showing their friends the “improvements” on their homes.

Being from the village, the schoolteacher truly cares for the school and the children. She, the kinder teacher, and several of our team provided VBS daily to 40 children! Each child received a backpack filled with school supplies, hygiene supplies and a bit of fun — indestructible tennis balls! Seeing the faces on these children, enjoying their excitement and friendship, and receiving the deep gratitude of their parents was a high point of our trip. As one of our projects, we helped the villagers paint and decorate the school inside and out! They take amazing pride in their school, and we could tell the families truly support the teachers.

The work was hard, but getting to know the villagers and seeing our HOI friends were priceless. Neighbor helped neighbor, HOI staff helped with labor and translation, and the maestros (experienced masons) were seen passing on their skill knowledge to younger villagers and to the “estudiante maestro” or student mason – one of our long-time mission team members showing his skill at leveling a latrine cover.

Our team has a long history of bringing medical supplies to the HOI Rancho el Paraiso doctor. We enjoyed the clinic tour seeing how the donations are put to good use throughout the area. We also brought school supplies, dozens of soccer balls, and hundreds of tennis balls to the village school and to the HOI schools. We also provided jerseys and soccer balls with pumps to the La Venta team, who come frequently to the ranch to play friendly matches with the staff. Some of us cannot get enough soccer!

At the end of the week, it was heartbreaking for us to leave the village. We know that we cannot solve all problems, but we can “create opportunities” with the construction materials, medical and school supplies, and most importantly with our time and friendship. It is not an experience easily forgotten. We return home with full hearts and budding plans for our next trip.

Thank you, HOI, for this opportunity to serve Honduras.

by: Beverly Chernoff

HOI Welcomes globalX Team!

HOI and our partner in Nicaragua, Comunidad Connect, welcome a globalX team to Finca de Peten this week. globalX travels with us through a partnership with North Point ministries in Atlanta. While the team serves in the community of Los Robles, they will work with residents to put in floors and build stoves and ovens, lead Bible School for children and women and offer prayer visits in homes before enjoying a tourist day in the colonial city of Granada.

A trip to HOI’s Ranch in Honduras is life changing. Aside from memorable experiences you just might come back home with a few new thoughts, habits, and “cravings” that you didn’t have when you left. Enjoy this fun message from Caroline Cramer, a first time traveler with HOI.

What happens when you return from Honduras:

*You take bottle of water into bathroom to brush your teeth

*You freeze at night with the A/C running

*You have a hunger for watermelon

*You miss your team buddies

*You make plans to return to Honduras

Familiar Faces at HOI Ranch: St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

We’re happy to welcome back some familiar faces to the Ranch. This week, Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church is working with the community of La Jagua. Together, they’ll construct four latrines and five water reservoirs, pour five cement floors, paint a mural at the village school, plant fruit trees, host VBS with the children, and organize a community clean up. Talk about a busy week!

We look forward to hearing about how God moved in the team and through the community.

HOI Welcomes Decatur and Greenwood Presbyterian

HOI and Communidad Connect, our partner in Nicaragua, welcome volunteers from Decatur and Greenwood Presbyterian Churches to The Farm (Finca de Peten).  The team will spend this week in the community of Los Robles providing Children’s Bible School, assistance with new stove construction and office administration in the health clinic.  If the rain stops in time, team members with a green thumb will plant an herb garden around the clinic.

Happy Father’s Day!

Provider, teacher, example, leader. These are some of the words that come to mind when we think about what it means to be a Christian father. HOI is committed to strengthening fathers and their role in the family and community. We come alongside fathers so that they can be a good reflection of our Heavenly Father in the home.

Through HOI’s spiritual training efforts, fathers are shaped to be spiritual leaders.  HOI’s economic development programs supply education and resources so fathers can work and provide for their families. And, HOI’s education and medical efforts create a hope-filled context for fathers to encourage their children.

It is not easy being a father in today’s world. This is especially true for fathers in Honduras and Nicaragua. However, because of your prayers and support, HOI is able to provide a hopeful future for fathers who are committed to their God, their church, their community and most of all their home. 

David Davis
Director of Development

Living Your Best Life

When is the last time that you took an inventory of your life and assessed if you were living on purpose? When is the last time you paused and reflected on how you use your time? Are you using your most precious commodity for good? Are you spending it partially in service to others? What about the people you love – have you made time for them in your schedule? What about your passions, your purpose and destiny?

So often, we as North Americans get so caught up in our lives that we forget to ask if we’re living our best lives. People define what a good life looks in many ways. Some consider economic affluence as an indicator of success. Others in the level of prestige their jobs carry. Some even consider the good life to be a life with no worries. All of those things are in fact good and on some level do factor into the equation of a good life; however, we are in search of our best lives.

The good life measures our personal happiness and success. Our best life revolves around us living out our purpose, which includes service to others. God wants us to search out the best life in Him. In turn He promises to bless us with a good life according to His divine purposes and plan. Jesus teaches his disciples to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first and then he promises that other things would then be added to them.

In seeking out our best life we will find that we have been called to serve. In the almost 30 years of HOI’s existence in Central America, many people have traveled with us to answer that call to service. In their service, they discovered a new level of satisfaction with the life that they have been blessed with. They found renewed joy in ministry and reignited passions that aligned with their purpose. And others, even, came away understanding that the “good life” that they were working for pales in comparison to the “best life” that God had to offer.

Today, we encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself if you’re living your best life now. Are you following your passions? Are you seeking out God’s kingdom through service to others? Are you making an impact in the world in a way that only YOU can?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to serve and make a difference in the lives of others, consider traveling with HOI on one of our upcoming mission trips. Trips are scheduled all year long and have a range of focuses. We have a special water mission trip, “Beyond Measure”, scheduled for September. We’d love to see you there. For more information on this trip, or any other way that you can get involved with our mission, contact our Missions Coordinator, Morgan Leary at

Mercer on Mission

Mercer On Mission just spent two weeks in Honduras caring for patients in the local villages. The medical students had an opportunity to share their gifts of knowledge and medical expertise. We and the people of Olancho and San Lorenzo, Honduras appreciate your service.

Click here to read one of their full blog entries >>>

Facebook Fundraising Helps Promote Change in Honduras

Every day, amazing things are happening in Honduras and Nicaragua. Thanks to the combined efforts of HOI and our partners in the U.S. and Central America, we are able to walk alongside and partner with developing communities in the Agalta Valley and Choluteca regions of Honduras and Los Robles in Nicaragua for a better future. Our work touches the areas of education, health and wellness, job creation, clean water, spiritual development and more. Although we are making tremendous strides towards progress, we need your help to maintain and expand these programs to have an even greater impact.

Facebook now offers an easy way to help is to utilize your online presence to invite friends to make an impact with you. This is easy to do through their new fundraising platform. Take a moment to reflect on HOI’s mission and Identify a cause that we are working on that you connect with. Then follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

1. Log in to HOI’s Facebook page.



First, you’ll want to find HOI’s Facebook page. You can either click the hyperlink to the left, type the direct address ( in your web browser’s search bar, or type in “HOI” in your Facebook search bar and look for the HOI logo icon. If you haven’t already, be sure to “Like” our page.

2. Click the “Fundraisers” tab.


On the left hand side of the page you’ll find a list of tabs. Click third tab listed as “Fundraisers”.

3. Click “Raise Money”. 


Once the you’ve clicked the “Fundraisers” a new page should appear. A “Raise Money” button should be on the right side of the page. Click it.

4. Personalize and launch fundraiser.


After you’ve clicked “Raise Money” a new window should appear. This window is where you will customize your fundraising campaign. The window is preset with HOI’s banner, a title, a description of our mission, and a suggested goal amount. Each of these sections can be personalized in a way that speaks to you and explains your connection with the HOI mission.

If you have any photos of yourself engaging with our mission it may help add a personal touch to your outreach efforts. In the description, in addition to or in lieu of explaining HOI’s mission and methodology, you can share your personal story of encounter and transformation through our mission. We know HOI mission trips can be life changing and we’d love for you to share that narrative with others.

You can set your fundraising goal as high or as low as you’d like to. Any amount that you raise will have a significant impact on the communities we serve and our organization as a whole. We simply appreciate you raising awareness and taking ownership for our mission.

5. Invite friends. 


A quick and easy way to hit your target quickly is through your friends. Once you’ve set up your fundraising page you can choose friends to share your campaign with. More likely than not they’ll want to support you and learn more about HOI. Take that opportunity to share photos, stories, and the impact that you’ve had with communities in Central America through HOI. Then invite them on a trip with you!

If a friend expresses that they would love to support you but doesn’t feel comfortable using Facebook, you can direct them to our website or invite them to donate securely through our donations page (


Thank you for partnering with HOI to help strengthen communities in Honduras and Nicaragua. The work you are doing is invaluable. Without your support our mission could not reach the thousands of lives that it does. God bless!