HOI Spiritual Life


As a Christ-centered organization, our emphasis on spiritual transformation is key to building communities that work together to honor God and live out their faith in all they do.

We do this by incorporating spiritual disciplines through the work in our other program areas and in partnership with local church leaders.

HOI’s pastoral staff coordinates marriage and family workshops, Biblical lessons at the HOI schools, in-home prayer visits, children’s Bible school in communities with our visiting mission teams, and staff worship experiences. They also work in partnership with the local pastors to provide training in family ministry and with the staff of Young Life to support the local teens in their spiritual formation.

Each experience is aimed at developing a deeper personal relationship with Christ and providing opportunities to spiritually strengthen the family.


The focus of HOI’s Economic Development program is to encourage the formation of small businesses that are based on Biblical values and principles.

The economic development staff provides technical and managerial training to promote entrepreneurship and to create sustainable, income-producing businesses.

HOI staff also helps to educate the communities on financial management and the use of Rural Savings Banks. Through these opportunities, communities can achieve economic growth and independence and entrepreneurs are able to pursue their dreams of a better quality of life.

HOI’s Agriculture and livestock programs give training to small poultry breeders, ranchers and farmers. By introducing improvements in production and the use of new technology, additional income is generated, leading to an improved quality of life.

Training in crop irrigation, silage production, artificial insemination of cattle, family gardens, and dairy production have all helped to improve the financial capacity in local communities and assisted in the improvement of food security.

HOI strives to develop a model program that serves as an example for producers in the country and an educational facility for the local communities.

Our partnership with communities helps lay the foundation for generational transformation and instills a new level of dignity in the Honduran business owners.

HOI Community Development


HOI’s focus is to partner with community leaders who have a desire to create a sustainable community and have the vision to improve the quality of life for the families.

By investing in spiritual formation and health education in the communities, HOI’s partnership helps to empower the leaders in their decision making. These opportunities give them the tools to develop sustainable communities that will improve the physical and spiritual health of the families.

Major spiritual and health initiatives in the community include children’s Bible school and in-home prayer visits by volunteer mission teams, church leadership training, home improvements for improved health, family gardens for improved nutrition, and water purification systems.

Through training opportunities for small business entrepreneurs, HOI partnerships encourage and empower individuals to help increase financial capacity for the entire community.

Our desire is to see the spiritual, social, physical, and economic transformation within a community through their partnership with HOI.


Rooted in Christ and with a purpose to serve, our mission for education is to educate and form leaders and agents of change in the Agalta Valley. Under the banner of excellence, service, community, and commitment, we aim to prepare our students for the future and its challenges.

Through the HOI Hope school system, we offer opportunities for children kindergarten through high school, to expand their knowledge and reach their full potential. Our classes provide the student a chance to not only achieve their academic goals but also build Christian leadership skills which will impact their communities in the future.

Classes such as English, Biblical values, Computer technology, Music, and Art are some of the extended offerings that help to develop the mind and character of each individual, leading to a productive, successful life.

Outside of the HOI Hope School system, the education program supports kindergartens in the surrounding communities through training opportunities and additional teaching resources for the teachers.

HOI’s student sponsorship program not only supports our educational operations but also provides school supplies, health checkups, and meals for the children. Sponsors provide a one on one mentorship through photos, letters, and in-person meetings when the sponsor participates in an HOI mission trip. Encouragement and prayers help to develop a long-lasting relationship and impact a child’s educational future.

Our efforts are aimed to establish a network of knowledge exchange, support, and guidance to the Agalta Valley’s education system which in turn will form the future leadership of the area.

HOI Health


HOI is responsible for providing healthcare to 33 villages in the Agalta Valley of Honduras, as assigned by the Honduran Ministry of Health. This is administered by HOI’s Honduran medical staff, community development staff, and short-term medical volunteers at HOI’s main clinic and three rural clinics.

The medical staff focuses on the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of each individual in efforts to develop healthy communities.

All of our clinics provide vaccinations, health education, and serve the basic health needs to over 16,000 patients annually. The HOI staff and short-term medical volunteers travel to communities to educate the public about best health practices and prevention such as maternal and dental health, proper nutrition, and the benefits of clean water.

Over the past 30 years, HOI has increased the vaccination rate in the Agalta Valey from 15% to 98%. Our health services have decreased the infant mortality rate from 69 infant deaths per 1,000 live births to zero.

Through a multidisciplinary community health team (doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists, and health promoters) we are able to create a healthcare system that can serve as a model for all of rural Honduras.

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