Daniel Toon photoDaniel Toon is a professional engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. Active with HOI since 1993, Daniel grew up traveling on Honduras mission trips almost every year until his graduation from Georgia Tech in 2002. With skills learned across many short term mission trips, Daniel excelled in classes focused on concrete and other materials common in construction in Honduras. Building on this foundation, Daniel rose to the position of Chief Engineer for United Forming, Inc. – one of the largest concrete specialty construction contractors in the Southeast.

Daniel is a member of First United Methodist Church of Barnesville, GA and attends there regularly with his wife Kelley. Since joining the Board of Directors for HOI in 2009, Daniel has focused on the Operations Programs of HOI – maintaining the buildings, vehicles, and equipment of the organization.

“As I look back over my relationship with HOI, I am nearly overwhelmed with the ways God used HOI to mold me and direct my path. When I thought I was in control and serving others, God was guiding me on a path to shape my future and grow as a partner and a brother to those I encountered. I have found a strong calling to build up and support the continued work of HOI such that others may have the remarkable opportunities I have had, both the missionaries who travel from afar as well as all those in partnership with HOI.”