In 1987, the World Outreach Fund was approached with a unique request: a church group who had taken summer mission trips to Central America wanted to purchase a working ranch in rural Honduras. They hoped to use Rancho el Paraíso (Paradise Ranch) to establish a mission outpost for visiting North Americans to connect with Hondurans, pursue better healthcare, and assist in faith initiatives.

The foundation decided to fund the project, and a year later a small group of American executives affiliated with the World Outreach Fund embarked on a journey to visit the “little Christian mission” in the rural Agalta Valley. Despite the many difficulties of their trip, the visitors knew the Holy Spirit was moving them to address the overwhelming poverty they had witnessed. As the vision grew, Honduras Outreach, Inc. was established as a faith-based, nondenominational 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Honduras.


For nearly three decades HOI has been following God’s call to strengthen communities in Honduras and Nicaragua through long-term partnerships. Every day we continue to see God’s hand at work in the transformation of lives and families through the on-going commitment between North and Central Americans.

HOI is a Christ-centered missions organization working alongside people of developing countries who desire to implement sustainable development partnerships. We organize mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua.

Our vision is to create life-changing relationships between the people of developing countries and North Americans, while promoting community directed and integrated spiritual, physical, educational and economic development of men, women and children in the developing world through the promotion of dignity, mutual cooperation and self-sufficiency.

Thirty years later, HOI has grown in size and has extended its reach.  Our programs have grown to include healthcare, agriculture, nutrition, education, faith-building, commerce, and construction as part of an integrative approach to community development.  In addition to the over 200 villages we serve in the Agalta Valley, HOI has grown to include northern Nicaragua and southern Honduras in San Lorenzo in its mission scope.  We are dedicated to partnering with local villages and organizations in these areas to help achieve sustainable transformation.

Over the years we have established a number of strategic partnerships with like-minded people and organizations which have helped us promote our mission and achieve our goals.  With their valued assistance and the continued support of those who have traveled with us, we are able to foster an environment for sustainable change in the communities that we serve.

We have been identified as one of the top five most effective NGOs working in the country by the Honduran government. In 2014, HOI was awarded the prestigious Francisco Morazan Award, the nation’s highest honor, by President Juan Orlando Hernandez, for our dedication to the health and welfare of the people of Honduras. As our relationships and partnerships continue to grow stronger and our mission gains national and international recognition, HOI’s ability to help those in need continues to increase.

HOI continues to attract teams from all over the country and is excited to include others in our story of transformation and development.  Each year, over fifty North American mission teams travel to the region in support of a mutually rewarding relationship of life-changing proportions. You too can be a part of this amazing journey and join in the transformation as Central and North Americans continue to partner together to dramatically improve the quality of life in both Honduras and Nicaragua.


We are a Christ-centered organization built upon the Biblical truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that salvation can only be achieved through Him, and His gift of grace is available to all.

From its founding, HOI has been inspired and led by the Holy Spirit to work with communities in Central America to help improve their quality of life and transform hearts for Christ.

We believe that God’s word calls us to: reflect His love towards others, strengthen the faith of families as they nurture and equip their children, treat all people with dignity and equality, and work in partnership with local leaders to bring, in both word and action, the good news of Jesus Christ.



We are a Christ-centered organization built upon the Biblical truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that salvation can only be achieved through Him, and His gift of grace is available to all.

From its founding, HOI has been inspired and led by the Holy Spirit to work with communities in Central America to help improve their quality of life and transform hearts for Christ.

We believe that God’s word calls us to: reflect His love towards others, strengthen the faith of families as they nurture and equip their children, treat all people with dignity and equality, and work in partnership with local leaders to bring, in both word and action, the good news of Jesus Christ.

Watch and see how HOI is making a difference in Central America. Take a trip with us and ENGAGE in the transformation today!


We work long-term in communities, empowering them to reach their full potential, and use short-term volunteer mission trip teams to accomplish long-range goals. HOI has a rich history in communities of Central America using an integrated approach that includes education, medical care, agriculture, facility construction and spiritual development. By investing in communities over decades, we strive to see permanent and total transformation.


While we value and greatly appreciate financial gifts, we believe that the gift of presence is uniquely transformational. Through their time together, mission trip volunteers and residents build mutually enriching relationships, impacting both North and Central Americans in powerful ways.

We encourage volunteers and teams to continue engaging with our work in Honduras and Nicaragua by partnering with us financially following their trips. To donate, please click here.


At HOI, we believe that each community should direct its own development. Every community has different needs and in most cases, residents have a much better understanding of these needs than those on the outside. To ensure that our ministries in both Honduras and Nicaragua are relevant and will have a long-term impact, we pursue programs and projects based on local community leaders’ requests and invitation. This process also helps to organize and train local leadership in decision making, which is critical for the sustainability and well being of future generations.


While HOI includes a handful of U.S.-based staff, the majority of our employees (60+ staff) are Central Americans, including our Honduras country director. Our Central American staff works with residents year-round, building relationships with villagers in each community and ensuring that HOI respects and embraces the local way of the life. While short-term missions are often characterized by imbalanced relationships that lack consideration for the host culture, HOI is proactive in including local stakeholders in making critical decisions.


The majority of residents in our areas of influence are involved in subsistence farming in order to feed their families. As a result, the construction of projects such as latrines, chimneys, etc. is completed not by specialized workers but by homeowners. HOI’s short-term volunteers work under the supervision of and side-by-side with these residents and their communities in order to accomplish these projects. In addition to supplementing labor and providing necessary materials, HOI gives residents the opportunity to invest time and labor into their homes, engendering a rightful sense of pride and ownership.

It is our goal to create and support opportunities for Hondurans and Nicaraguans to provide for themselves and their families. To do this and to protect the dignity of these communities, we do not do for them what they can do for themselves unless it is within the context of a mutually agreed upon partnership. HOI has created over 60 jobs at Rancho el Paraíso and has supported the creation of many more through our economic development programs.


Our model is based on a healthy partnership between communities and HOI staff and volunteers. Instead of fostering dependency, we desire to empower the people of developing nations by focusing on their strengths and abilities. Because we prioritize protecting the dignity of these communities, we work with rather than for them. For this reason, we require that local residents make an investment of time and labor. Whether it is digging a hole for a latrine in anticipation of a service team or preparing soil before receiving agricultural training, residents take ownership of their own communities through their work in conjunction with HOI.


How do HOI’s efforts impact the world? There are various areas where our actions and contributions have impacted for the better.

HOI’s spiritual development program is dedicated to teaching the Bible throughout the Agalta Valley. Over the past 15 years, 150 pastors have been trained through an 8-month Bible program, reaching 85 villages that now have knowledgeable faith leaders in their communities. Our staff pastor’s role is to invest in local village pastors, lead HOI staff devotionals, lead bible studies at our elementary and middle school, and arrange for visiting teams to meet with families and individuals who express a desire to pray together. Over 2,500 children each year learn of God’s love through Bible classes taught by mission teams.

HOI also has a partnership with Young Life, an international ministry focused on introducing youth to Christ and helping them grow in their faith. Our hope is that through Young Life, we will continue to spread the Word of God and help others grow in their faith throughout this region.


Economic development is becoming a growing priority in order to create opportunities that will benefit and sustain communities for years to come. HOI provides training to teach best practices in small business development and marketing. In this way, local people are encouraged to look for opportunities already within their reach that will provide income and improve their quality of life. 8 small businesses have been established in the area and 90 communities have established development committees to encourage entrepreneurship.

Our desire is to create avenues for sustainable income through encouraging entrepreneurs, building up business skills, and helping provide access to markets.


Agriculture was one of HOI’s earliest and most important ministries. Our local staff has worked with thousands of residents over the years to provide the training necessary to improve agricultural production, grow healthier food to eat, and increase local revenue. Over 100 families are trained annually in sustainable gardening, providing opportunities for better nutrition throughout their community.

HOI has played an important role in establishing co-ops for dairy and coffee farmers to better manage production and sales. Veterinary mission teams provide treatment for an average of 2,000 animals annually, along with animal health and management training for residents.

HOI’s agriculture programs hope to provide education, nutrition, and economic opportunities for families throughout this region.

Each year, over 1,000 mission trip volunteers partner with local communities in Honduras and Nicaragua in the following projects:

  • Building latrines: preventing illnesses by improving health and sanitation conditions
  • Building chimneys: reducing respiratory problems caused by smoke inhalation
  • Constructing concrete floors: eliminating breeding grounds for disease-causing insects
  • Constructing water lines: providing access to clean water
  • Training in medical and dental hygiene: teaching the importance of hygiene in preventing diseases.
  • Teaching Bible classes for children and adults: furthering an understanding of God’s love for us and how to love others.

HOI’s community development model is based on a healthy partnership between communities, HOI staff, and volunteers. We desire to empower the people of Central America by focusing on their strengths and abilities. We train 50 community leaders annually on decision making, community involvement and civic responsibility. We prioritize protecting the dignity of these communities by working with rather than for them.

HOI has actively promoted education in the Agalta Valley for nearly 25 years, working with community residents and local governments to build 43 public kindergartens. Staffed by volunteer teachers, these local kindergartens allow children in remote villages to begin learning at an early age.

In 2000 and 2001, HOI established private elementary and middle schools. Our Kindergarten through 9th grade education program provides a quality education for over 300 students each year. An average of 98% of elementary graduates continue on to middle school, compared with only 66% of students from area public schools.

HOI’s education system provides a library with computer lab/internet access, spiritual development classes, music and English class, contributing to a 23% increase in enrollment over the past 3 years.

HOI’s education sponsorship program makes it possible for elementary and middle school students in the Agalta Valley to receive a quality education through the help of U.S. sponsors. HOI also awards approximately 60 scholarships to local high school students each year.

Since HOI’s clinics were established in the early 1990s, we have effectively lowered the infant mortality rate in the Agalta Valley by 88%  and have raised the vaccination rate from 15% to 98%. Family planning workshops and health education have contributed to a decrease in average family size from 10 to 5 children. Other educational initiatives on malaria prevention have led to a reduction in the number of malaria cases from nearly 500 in 1997 to none in the past 9 years.

16,000 patients from 33 villages receive quality healthcare and disease prevention education through HOI’s 4 health clinics and visiting medical missions volunteers. At our main clinic, we have full time staff including a doctor, nurses, dentist, pharmacist, and physical therapist. Our primary focuses continue to be nutrition, sanitation, immunization, malaria and dengue education, family planning, and pre and postnatal care.

Our goal is to create a system of healthcare that can serve as a model for all of rural Honduras.


Honduran Recognition

HOI is the proud 2014 recipient of the Francisco Morazan Award, Honduras’ highest honor and award for achievement.  The award was presented during HOI’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.  The award recognizes HOI “for their continued work within the Department of Olancho for 25 years, leaving a deep imprint on behalf of the Honduran people.”  To date, HOI is the first and only foreign organization of its kind to receive this prestigious award.

About the Award

The Order of Francisco Morazan was institutionalized in March of 1941 in honor of one of Honduras’ greatest national heroes, President Francisco Morazan.  The award is given to recognize extraordinary achievement in both civil and military fields by both Hondurans and foreigners.


Chief Executive Officer

John Burrough

John Burrough, raised in Pinedale, WY, attended the University of Wyoming where he studied Geophysics/Nuclear and Particle Physics. He played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1995 to 1998 and then continued his career with Vikings and Rams. After retiring from the NFL in 2002, he entered the residential construction business in Atlanta. Always involved with Christian missions as a volunteer, John ultimately traded his business career in 2014 answering the call to full time ministry with North Point ( and globalX ( Mr. Burrough serves on several non-profit boards and stays connected to the professional athlete network in Atlanta.

John, his wife and two children love to serve together and have participated in mission trips with HOI over the past 5 years.

Executive Director

Laurie Willing

Laurie has been on staff as HOI’s Executive Director since 2010. Her responsibilities include coordination of the operations in the Tucker, Georgia office and at Rancho el Paraiso in Honduras.  Before her current position, she served as a Youth/Christian Education Director at Simpsonwood United Methodist Church in Norcross, Georgia  for 15 years.  Laurie has always had a passion for mission work and began leading her church’s mission trips to Honduras with HOI in 1998.

Laurie attended the University of West Florida and Mercer University Atlanta, receiving degrees in Accounting and Computer Science.  She has been married to her husband Keith for 36 years and has two grown children who have also participated in Honduras mission trips with HOI.  She enjoys traveling, snorkeling and painting.

Chairman of the Board

Andy Weyenberg

Mr. Andy Weyenberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Resource Alliance, an organization that provides HR outsourcing to companies of all sizes.  Mr. Weyenberg’s career in the HR industry began in 1993 as a provider of recruiting services for companies in Birmingham, AL where he worked in operations.  He later moved to Phoenix, AZ to manage a branch for one of the local recruiting firms.  In 1996, Mr. Weyenberg left the recruiting profession to go back to school full time to work on his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance and Accounting.  Upon completion of his MBA in 1997, he was hired as the controller for a mid-sized company located in Dawsonville, GA.  In August of 2001, he and his brother, Dennis, started Resource Alliance.

Mr. Weyenberg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Georgia State University.

D. Scott Luttrell

D. Scott Luttrell is the founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of LCM Group, a privately owned diversified investment company which specializes in alternative asset investing; including private equity, private debt, hedge funds and real estate investing.

Mr. Luttrell currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the YMCA Retirement Fund, a $6.5 billion retirement fund serving the employees of the YMCA. Mr. Luttrell also serves on several private company boards including Board of Advisors to North Avenue Capital, private equity firms Ballast Point Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners, and is active in various academic and ministry organizations including serving on Southern Methodist University’s Cox School Executive Board, the Cox School Alternative Asset Management Center Board of Advisors, serves on the Board of Directors of East West Ministries and Board of Advisors to Desire Street Ministries. Mr. Luttrell is also Founder and Trustee of The Light Foundation.

Mr. Luttrell received his college degree in Business Administration/Finance from Southern Methodist University in 1977 and attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program in corporate governance in 2001. Mr. Luttrell lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife of 40 years. They have two grown and married children who have also traveled on mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua.

Chris Bomgaars

Chris Bomgaars graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Prior to Loyola, Chris studied Spanish and International Business for a year at the Universidad de Granada in Spain. After college he followed his entrepreneurial spirit by managing the startup, and eventually leading the negotiation for the sale of a logistics company in Costa Rica.

Chris currently serves as Vice President of his family’s agricultural company, RC Family Farms, where he leads strategy, procurement and business development. His passion for innovation led Chris to create the Every Pig software application; a first of its kind pig health/welfare platform.

Chris enjoys international travel and foreign languages; both of which he gets to put in practice during his HOI trips to Honduras.

In his free time, Chris loves to snow ski and play tennis. He currently resides in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami.

Chair of the Community Development Committee & the Government Relations Committee

Susan Church

Susan (Sue) Church participated in HOI’s first Honduras mission trip in 1990.   She became Chair of the Health/Medical Committee in 1991, joined the Board of Directors in 1993, and served as Executive Director of HOI from 1993-2003.  Ms. Church also served as Chair of the Board of Directors from 2007-2010.  She is currently Chair of the Community Development Committee and the Government Relations Committee.

Ms. Church has also served in many volunteer leadership roles at her church and in her community.

As a physical therapy graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Ms. Church and her husband (also a physical therapist) moved to Atlanta in 1965 with 3 other rehabilitation professionals to initiate the U.S. Rehabilitation, Research and Training Center at Emory University.  In the late 1980s they started a private practice supporting children and adults with physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities.  As a physical therapist with a passion for the people of Honduras, Ms. Church worked with Dr. Nery Madrid in Honduras to start the Physical Therapy School at the National Autonomous University in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She continues to participate in Honduras mission trips with HOI as well as supporting HOI’s Nicaragua mission trips.

Ms. Church lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband of 47 years.  They have two grown and married children and six grandchildren.

Archie B. Crenshaw

Archie Crenshaw received his undergraduate degree from Lipscomb College and his master’s degree from Vanderbilt University.  After returning to Lipscomb as a professor and coach, he left to pursue a Ph. D. in Business Administration from Georgia State University and preach at Decatur Church of Christ. While in graduate school he became the first baseball coach in Georgia State’s history.

He then taught at Dekalb College and Oglethorpe University and developed a management training company. He developed high rise apartment complexes for senior citizens across the U.S., and in this role was responsible for the development and management of many such facilities. He later entered the nursing home and restaurant businesses, owning several different restaurants across the country.

He was responsible for the establishment of the first health maintenance organization in the Atlanta area, which was sold and allowed for the formation of World Outreach Foundation. World Outreach Foundation has sponsored Christian missions in many parts of the world such as Latin America, Africa and India. It was also responsible for the purchase of Rancho el Paraiso for HOI’s ministries and Honduras mission trips facilities in the late 1980s.

Archie has served on numerous boards of directors for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He has been married to his wife, Geneele, for 58 years. They have three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Gerald E. Eickhoff

Jerry Eickhoff is culminating a long career in business in Atlanta by serving as CEO of HOI in its expansion phase, which he helped found in 1989.

Prior to joining HOI full-time, Jerry held the position of founder and CEO of BEI Holdings, Inc., a publicly traded bank consulting firm, as well as Enterpulse, a web technology company. He was also a founder and Chairman of Third Millennium Healthcare Systems. He began his business career as a banker with the C&S Bank of Atlanta, managing back office operations. During his career Jerry was named BETA Entrepreneur of the Year in Atlanta, and was also selected as one of Atlanta’s Top Ten CEOs by Business-to-Business Magazine, an honor that included CEOs from Coca Cola, Chick-fil-A, Delta Airlines and Home Depot.

Jerry has BS and MBA degrees from Georgia State University, where he played collegiate baseball, wrote for the student newspaper, was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and was commissioned in the U.S. Army as an artillery second lieutenant. He later served as Foundation Chairman. He and his wife Jean reside in Decatur, Georgia and are lifelong members of Decatur First United Methodist Church.

Erika Farr

Erika Farr serves as the Head of Upper School at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School located in northeast Georgia. As the Head of Upper School Erika oversees the academic program for grades 9-12 of a culturally diverse college preparatory boarding-day school that includes students from over 50 countries and 15 states.

Erika was fortunate enough to join a trip to the Rancho el Paraiso with an HOI group. With Rabun Gap colleagues, she visited the HOI school there and other local schools, an experience that provided keen insights into the educational needs in Honduras and left her with a deep respect for the work HOI is doing in the Agalta Valley.

Hailing from coastal North Carolina, Erika received her BA in English Literature from N.C. State University and then went on to earn a PhD in English Literature from Emory University. She lives with her husband, Ken Klimasewski, and her children, Cade and Cassidy, on the beautiful and lively campus of Rabun Gap. She and her family are members of St. James Episcopal Church in Clayton, Ga, where she serves on the Vestry.

Brian Fowler

As CEO at Truitt Health (formerly Healthcare Integration at Canvas IT), Bryan is responsible for providing operational and technology realignment solutions including assessments, optimizations, and implementations to healthcare organizations.

Bryan has supported HOI for several years and the role as a Chaplain of HOI was given to him a few years ago. Since last year he has been supporting HOI in the health sector including a complete preliminary assessment to support the decentralization of the hospital of the South in Honduras by one or two of the HOI partners. He recently coordinated a risks and feasibility assessment of the decentralization of the rural clinics in the Agalta Valley. He holds an MBA from Mississippi State University and a Masters in Divinity from Ashbury Theological Seminary.

Stuart Garner

Stuart Garner is the founder of Eureka Environmental, which designs and sells multi-parameter instruments for in-situ water-quality analyses in lakes, rivers, estuaries, and aquifers worldwide.  Eureka Environmental is now part of Measurement Specialties, Inc. and Mr. Garner is the Austin Site Executive.

Mr. Garner, a registered engineer, received master’s degrees in Environmental Health Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and in Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.  He lives in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Rose, of 35 years and two grown but unfledged children.  Aside from his profession, Mr. Garner is mentally dependent on Honduras mission trips (30-some-odd and counting) and working fruitlessly on period-correct Ford hot rods.

Richard “Dickie” Hile

Dickie practices law in Austin, TX with the firm of Dies & Hile, LLP, and is a graduate of Lamar University and Texas Tech School of Law.  He previously served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the State Bar of Texas from 1990-91) among other accomplishments.

Dickie became involved with HOI in 2006 when he first traveled to Rancho el Paraiso with Tarrytown United Methodist Church. Since his initial visit, he has returned every year for the past decade with the exception of one.

Dr. Daniel Lohnes

Dr. Dan is a veterinarian in rural Barry, Illinois with a mixed animal practice. His primary areas of interest are bovine reproduction and small animal surgery. He is a 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Dan became involved with Christian Veterinary Missions (CVM) in 2010 on a trip with veterinary students to the Ranch. He fell in love with the Agalta Valley and its people on his first trip and has since led 5 more CVM student groups to Honduras. Now he makes 2 trips a year, one with students and one to train local farmers in animal husbandry and other topics to improve animal health and improve animal productivity.

Dr. Dan joined HOI’s agriculture committee in 2012 and has been working to improve cattle reproduction, health, and productivity at the Rancho el Paraiso. He assumed leadership of the committee in 2015.

Dr. Dan’s wife of 38 years, Debbie, has also become involved with HOI and helps with evangelism to the school children in the villages they visit on their trips. They have 3 grown children. Dr Dan and Debbie are both active members in the Barry United Methodist Church.

Tommy Phelps

Bio coming soon.

Dr. Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson is a neurosurgeon who specializes in Brain, Pituitary and Skull-Base Tumor surgery. He trained at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University.  Jim practices in Atlanta at Brain Expert, PC in his practice limited to Microsurgery, Endoscopic Surgery, and Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of the Brain.  He is active in Central American missions in Honduras through HOI as well as with projects in El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. A student at the Goizueta School of business, Jim is also a graduate of the Emory Business School, MBA 2014.

Jim and his wife, Katie, have three children, Alex, Ross, and Charlotte. The Robinsons live in Vinings in northwest Atlanta.

Daniel Toon

Daniel Toon is a professional engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. Active with HOI since 1993, Daniel grew up traveling on Honduras mission trips almost every year until his graduation from Georgia Tech in 2002. With skills learned across many short term mission trips, Daniel excelled in classes focused on concrete and other materials common in construction in Honduras. Building on this foundation, Daniel rose to the position of Chief Engineer for United Forming, Inc. – one of the largest concrete specialty construction contractors in the Southeast.

Daniel is a member of First United Methodist Church of Barnesville, GA and attends there regularly with his wife Kelley. Since joining the Board of Directors for HOI in 2009, Daniel has focused on the Operations Programs of HOI – maintaining the buildings, vehicles, and equipment of the organization.

“As I look back over my relationship with HOI, I am nearly overwhelmed with the ways God used HOI to mold me and direct my path. When I thought I was in control and serving others, God was guiding me on a path to shape my future and grow as a partner and a brother to those I encountered. I have found a strong calling to build up and support the continued work of HOI such that others may have the remarkable opportunities I have had, both the missionaries who travel from afar as well as all those in partnership with HOI.”

Cissy Watson

Cissy C. Watson  has been participating in Honduras mission trips with HOI since its beginnings. She began her career in the housing industry in 1983.  After attending Pepperdine University, she started her work in the development and management of multifamily housing communities for senior citizens. A native Atlantan, Ms. Watson took the helm of Mansermar, Inc. in 1985, where she served over 20 years.

In 1996, Ms. Watson founded Hometowne Communities, a development, construction management, property management and asset management firm specializing in apartments. She also served as the developer for the acquisition and rehab of multifamily housing communities in Texas and Georgia.

Ms. Watson developed a mixed use community in downtown San Diego and is an owner in this unique affordable housing community. In addition, Ms. Watson retains ownership in Mansermar, Inc., an experienced management agent specializing in affordable properties for senior citizens.

Ms. Watson and her husband, Ted, have owned a Dairy Queen in Owensboro, Kentucky since 2008. Along with their son, Hunt, they have recently opened a franchised Italian restaurant, Mirko Pasta.

The Watsons currently reside just outside of Athens, GA. They belong to Athens Church and work extensively with missions efforts in Honduras, Africa, India and China. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their 3 children.

Dr. Stephen Wilks

Stephen M. Wilks, M.D. currently resides in Clarkesville, GA with his wife Robin. He is a graduate of Marshall University and Emory University School of Medicine. Following an internship in internal medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital he served in the USAF as a flight surgeon on Okinawa, Japan. After completing residency and fellowship in diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology at Emory University affiliated hospitals he served on the staff at Piedmont Hospital and Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA from 1981-2008.

He has been active in Honduras missions with HOI since 1991, serving on its board of directors, as well as serving on the boards of ECHO Foundation and Target Cancer Foundation. He remains on the advisory board of Shepherd Center.

Shannon Dill

Shannon Dill is originally from Dallas, TX, and is now a 27 year resident of Atlanta. She serves as Associate Pastor of Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody with responsibilities that span the entire ministry of the congregation. Her passion is engaging members of all ages in meaningful mission and outreach. She is a graduate of Austin College with a degree in psychology and received her Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Shannon previously served on the Board of Directors of HOI, for 18 years before recently “retiring” from service in 2014.  She has served on other non-profit/NGO advisory and governing boards over the years, most recently with Mountain TOP, a ministry based in Grundy County, TN.  Shannon is married to Don and they have two daughters, Maddie (23) and Callie (20), all of whom have spent time serving with HOI.


Chief Development Officer (U.S.)

James Gleghorn

Missions Director (U.S.)

Morgan Leary

Director, Rancho el Paraiso

Jose Mondragon

Director, Healthcare Honduras

German Jiménez, M.D.

Director, Community Development

Alejandrina Dominguez

Director, Agriculture

Nelson Zelaya Echevarría

Director, Economic Development

Eriberto Rivera

Director, Spiritual Development

Selvin Elvir

Director, Development, Education & Gov’t Relations

Camila Reina


Mirian Diaz

Coordinator of Southern Honduras

Leslie Bobadilla de Echeverria

Group Leader

Marta Espinoza

Principal Hope Institute

Jeny Ruby

Let’s make an impact together.